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Ambleside Vistas

A circular walk from Ambleside to Wansfell Pike and Troutbeck

There are a couple of ways to start this walk, the one we selected starts from the south end of Ambleside town where you take Old Lake Road then turn to the left up Blue Hill Road.  

Stay on this road passing a few houses until it turns into a track at the edge of woods.  Bear left along the side of the woods and follow the footpath up to Wansfell Pike.  Turn right to follow the path up the fell, there is a well defined path with steps. 

This last stretch is quite steep, but when you reach the top the views are delightful in all directions. Windermere can be seen to one side and the Coniston Fells, the Langdale Pikes and much of the Fairfield Horseshoe to the other.

The actual top of Wansfell Pike is through the gate in the fence at the top, not marked with a cairn. The photo at the top of the page is taken from there.

After admiring the views, head down the other side of the fell towards Troutbeck, keeping Windermere to your ri…

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