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Making time to see your world

Don't miss what is around youI have a busy job.  It sometimes involves travelling to other parts of the UK with occasional overnight stays.  It is easy to focus solely on the job, concentrating on that to the extent that everything else around just doesn't seem to exist. When you are rushing from appointment to appointment you don't get the chance to stop and look around you, I mean really look around you. I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago and made a decision,  I will plan to build in extra time in my journeys to stop and take a look around. Not only will this help to clear my head, it will also lower stress levels (as long as I leave enough time in the plan) and I will have the opportunity to see some of the wonderful sights that exist around us.
The first trip I built extra time into was heading across country to Lincolnshire.  I planned a short stop (only 20 mins) at Rutland Water, partly because the only other time I had visited that area the weather was v…

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